A Night of Healing: Citywide Crusades

  Since this ministry began, God has used us as a conduit for hundreds of healings and miracles.  In December of 2016, we began our first citywide healing crusades.  God continues to use these crusades for a powerful release of Christ's healing power! Cancer has been healed, deformities have been healed.  Diabetes, liver disease, backs, necks, arms, legs, and many other illnesses as well.  Not only that, but we have seen salvations, baptisms in the Holy Ghost, and inner healings as well!

A Night of Fire: Fire for the mission

A night of fire crusades are a time for a release of the fire of the Holy Ghost! The focus is to set the people of God on fire, and commission them to go minister in their communities.  It's full fledged FIRE of the Spirit with a purpose!