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Why is it important to study the Hebrew language?

Ancient Hebrew is the language that the majority of the Old Testament is written in.  When you study the original language, it helps  give you a better understanding of the context of what is written.  It is also important to note that Hebrew is a very "visual" language with a LOT of deep meaning.  When you begin to discover the pictorial and numerical symbolism of each letter and word, you will see the Bible come to life at a whole other level. 


Eric's life was changed by a Hebrew seminar in 2018, and he wanted to share that same experience with others.  He believes that in these last days, it will be even more important to understand God's word in depth, and to have a clear understanding of what the Bible is truly saying.  

Aside from all of this, learning Hebrew is a great benefit to ministers who preach the Gospel.  Finding the fulfillment of the Old Testament in the New Testament is a great way to help others understand God's word.  The ancient Hebrew is FULL of clues, hints, and irrefutable evidence that Jesus is the Son of God.  Entire messages can come out of studying this phenomenal language of pictures and numbers! When you begin learning Hebrew, everything in the word of God connects!

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