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Mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet by Eric Burton

Available Now!

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Welcome to Groundbreaker International, where our passion is to ignite the flames of revival that span across every tribe, tongue, and nation. In a world where the Holy Spirit is pouring out abundantly, we dedicate ourselves to the mission of unearthing fresh wellsprings of revival and nurturing the flames that already burn brightly.

Our passion lies in reaching the lost, witnessing the deliverance of the demoniacs, the healing of the sick, and the glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit, just as prophesied in Joel 2:28 and fulfilled in Acts 2:17. Our ultimate aspiration is to witness the magnificent Glory of God manifesting in people's lives, leading to a transformative experience that leaves an undeniable mark on them and their surroundings.

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Booking Requests

If you are interested in booking Eric or Courtney for your church or ministry, please fill out our online form here.


For more videos, visit the Groundbreaker International YouTube Channel!
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