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“To Release the sounds of Heaven over the earth for Kingdom advancement.”

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  • People will be trained for leading worship, writing songs, and playing instruments.

  • Scheduled and impromptu praise and worship sessions will break out.

  • Praise and worship leaders will be sent out to churches both locally and abroad.

  • Worship teams will be developed for the purpose of ushering in the presence of God, and not entertaining the church. 

  • Young people will be discipled.

  • We believe revival can/will break out in churches and communities.

  • Traveling ministries will be welcome to use the facilities and equipment on an invitation basis.

  • Recorded albums and songs from the throne room will be released.

  • Atmospheres will change as worship moves from self-centered to God centered.

  • Spiritual wars will be won through high-impact praise.

"Sound Generation" is the praise and worship arm of Groundbreaker International.  We train up, equip, and send out praise leaders to release the sounds of Heaven all over the world! We are also available for leading praise and worship at churches and revival meetings.


We believe that there is an emerging sound of revival among the remnant of God, who’s focus is not to entertain, but to usher in the presence of God.  In most cases in scripture, we see a sound that precedes the coming of the manifestation of the Lord.  In the dedication of Solomon’s tabernacle in 2 Chronicles 7 the people of Israel dedicated the Tabernacle with shouting, singing, and playing of instruments.  In Acts 2, the believers in the upper room were praying, decreeing, and seeking after the Holy Spirit when suddenly the SOUND of a violent wind came.  Before the coming of Christ, the Bible says there will be a loud command, a shout, and a blast of the trumpet! There are sounds that usher in the presence of the almighty God.


God has shown us a facility that would become a “generator” for the sounds of Heaven to be released.  It is a place for God to inhabit, while training people to be released into leading praise and worship throughout the globe.  I am seeing a hub for training, facilitating, releasing, and equipping worshippers to release songs and sounds to usher in Kingdom revival!


Our ministry is seeing a facility with multiple rooms for different purposes.  We will have a room(s) for practicing, training, and developing worship leaders in how to play instruments and sing.  They will also have the opportunity to seek the heart of God with their instruments in an intimate setting.  These rooms will be equipped with quality musical instruments to learn on, and to come together as worship teams to receive from God.  Songs and sounds will come out of these rooms that come straight from Heaven in the moment, later to be released in churches, worship gatherings, conferences, and recordings.  These “Sound Generation Rooms” will be used to facilitate local churches, traveling ministries, and other parachurch ministries for any needs they may need in regard to praise and worship. 


The other part of the building I am seeing a room for live praise and worship gatherings, in which blossoming praise and worship leaders can hone their skills in a live worship setting.  Our goal is to see scheduled and impromptu sessions of praise and worship in this part of the building.  These sessions would allow people from churches in the community to come and participate in praise and worship with those that are releasing the sounds of Heaven in the room. 

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