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Insecurity is a tool used by Satan to keep God's people from reaching their destinies. It is an epidemic among ministers and lay people in the church. In fact, it is such an issue within the body of Christ that most people don't even realize the problem exists. In this book, you will find the anti-dote to the injection that plagues billions...the injection of insecurity. 


EDDIE JAMES, Eddie James Ministries

"If ever a word of encouragement and freedom could be released to the body of Christ today, it would be this book by Eric Burton - Injection of Insecurity. As we see in the lives of Cain and Abel, insecurity kills people, purpose, and most of all, your place in God's presence. Nothing hinders relationships with God and people like insecurity. For many of us, God's plan for our life is buried under the stronghold of insecurity and this book is God's deliverance for you from insecurity to the fullness of destiny. We are living in a day where we need ALL hands on deck. We need the people of God at their best and free of fear. You will find a fresh boldness, confidence, and strength to release who YOU are and what God gifted, anointed, and created YOU to do once you receive God's heart through this amazing resource - Injection of Insecurity!"

Injection of Insecurity

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