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What you will learn in this seminar...

  • All 22 Hebrew letters, their pictorial meaning, and symbolism

    • How to pronounce each letter

    • Ordinal value

    • Numerical value (Gematria)

    • The deep meaning behind the letters down to every stroke of the pen

  • How to decode Hebrew words and phrases to get the literal and spiritual meaning behind them.

    • We will go through several words and phrases in the Bible and show first hand how you can decode the deep meanings in the word of God.

    • We will learn several different ways to look at words and phrases in the Bible, including the numerical significance.

  • How to decipher the meanings behind the letters in the alphabet, also called gematria, and the deep significance behind those numbers.

  • Significance of the Hebrew calendars and how to decode God’s patterns for the year.

  • Jewish customs and culture to help get a perspective on how the Hebrew language works.

For more on Eric Burton's teaching about Hebrew, you can visit him on YouTube...

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